Breitenbach are selling Wahlschlappen in a choice of four colours.

grUEn paar2.jpg

This is not easy to translate as Wahlschlappe means a bad election result – a party is said to have suffered a Wahlschlappe (heavy losses), whereas Schlappen are slippers.

I see they have the domain name too, surely not a popular one. Some legislation is on the cards in Britain to prevent people from making money on Olympics 2012-type language. I doubt something like this would have been caught.

bq. Existing legislation already prevents non-official sponsors from using distinctive “Olympic marks” like the Olympic rings.
But the new bill will make it illegal to combine words like “games”, “medals”, “gold”, “2012”, “sponsor” or “summer” in any form of advertising.

LATER NOTE: One has to be careful in translating political colours. For example, we wouldn’t say in English that the Bavarian electorate is largely black.

(Via Peter Müller)

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