Wearing a bracelet

Martha Stewart’s period of home detention ends today. I referred recently to electronic anklets. Martha Stewart is said to wear an electronic bracelet on her ankle:

Wednesday, one of the most famous bracelets in history is expected to come off Martha Stewart’s ankle.
As the electronic watchdog is removed, it will mark the end of her five months – and three weeks extra for minor violations – of home confinement in Bedford, N.Y.

It seems the more common term. But apparently they are sometimes worn on the wrist.

(Via rebecca’s pocket)

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  1. Yes, of course – see earlier entry. I wrote about ‘anklet’ then because it was new to me and German uses a similar term, but tagging or monitoring are the more familiar terms.

  2. In the US, I don’t think many people are conscious of the “arm” etymology of the term bracelet when they use the term. (It might be different when they are thinking about etymology).

    It’s certainly true that the little chains that are worn as jewelry around the ankle are known as “ankle bracelets”. I suppose you can think of “electronic bracelets” as a collapsed form of “electronic ankle bracelets”, shortened for everyday use.

  3. In the US, shrimp scampi is a specific dish, made with shrimp and garlic (lots of garlic—sometimes I think they use shrimp and garlic in equal quantities).

    It’s found on Italian restaurant menus. Back in the culinary dark ages, the 1950s and 60s, when I first encountered the dish, I and most unsophisticated diners would have avoided a dish that admitted to containing garlic. But we were able to enjoy shrimp scampi because we didn’t really know what was in it.

    Diners have changed since then, but the name of the dish lingers on.

  4. I believe that at one time,(in the UK if not elsewhere, perhaps before scampi became so familiar a dish) it was not unknown for some restaurants to provide “scampi” faked up from chunks of less-expensive dogfish. Might this have something to do with the insistence on “shrimp”?

  5. You mean ‘shrimp’ as a mark of excellence?
    I keep meaning to post a picture of a kiosk outside my house that is selling Fischbr├Âtchen, and in particular ‘Schrimp’ (sic). But no shrimp scampi.

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