How many continents?

Sitemeter has started showing world maps, and also continents, for (traceable) visitors to this site:

Europe 67.5%
North America 25.9%
Asia 3.4%
Australia 1.3%
South America 1%
Other 0.7%
Africa 0.2%

I know these things aren’t absolutely accurate, but what is Other?
NZ? – or is that part of Australia?

4 thoughts on “How many continents?

  1. I thought only Antarctica was actually a continent. Surely Arctica is just a rather big blob of shrinking ice?


  2. If it means those whose origins could not be traced, the figure should be larger.
    I know this is a trivial matter, since all these services disagree with each other and some of them seem to misplace some towns occasionally. But maybe I should have a look at Sitemeter’s website.

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