Effects of Katrina on the legal system

At the moment the concern is for saving the living, which includes 6,000 prisoners from 2 prisons, some of whom we saw on the news, herded together. The courts have suffered losses too, with evidence including computer records lost (via the German American Law Journal blog, where St. [sic] Meyer wonders why no precautions were taken, if this is true). Via GALJ, ProfessorBainbridge.com reports:

bq. Our state bar offices are under water. Our state disciplinary offices are under water – again with evidence ruined. Our state disciplinary offices are located on Veteran’s Blvd. in Metairie. Those of you who have been watching the news, they continue to show Veteran’s Blvd. It’s the shot with the destroyed Target store and shopping center under water and that looks like a long canal. Our Committee on Bar Admissions is located there and would have been housing the bar exams which have been turned in from the recent July bar exam (this is one time I’ll pray the examiners were late in turning them in – we were set to meet in 2 weeks to go over the results). Will all of those new graduates have to retake the bar exam?

One thought on “Effects of Katrina on the legal system

  1. The soggy Louisiana Bar Exam scripts, mischievously, recall the word ‘floodgates’ – that is whether there is a concerted judicial policy in various countries to stop all-comers and assorted strangers to an accident banging in ‘epic-scale’ claims for damages in tort.

    Is it also right to query how the US, as a sophisticated world military power, can send expensive rockets into space, but its scientists do utterly nothing to stop a storm, hurricane or tornado brewing, even with days’ notice?

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