New Fürth weblog/Neues Weblog aus Fürth

Ralph Stenzel has produced a Fürth blog. We must keep an eye on it. I have now removed my Fürth blog, Fürther Freiheiten, completely, but I intend to have a Fürth page if I’m still in Fürth when I get round to changing to different blog software.

In this connection, I might mention the Nuremberg blog plan. It’s much easier to follow if you click on Durchblick!

I think the best-known local blog is Lisa Neun‘s, with all the caricatures. She is in Erlangen, though, so she had to choose Vach as the nearest point to her.

One thought on “New Fürth weblog/Neues Weblog aus Fürth

  1. Oh, meanwhile I could move to Erlangen, cause they built up an Erlangen Blogplan. Anyway, I stay in Vach as a “secondary residence”. I lived in Hüttendorf a couple of years ago, which is the village next Vach.

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