Last election pictures / Letzte Wahlfotos

The final day of campaigning still suggests a grand coalition:


with a surprise last-minute surge from C & A:


Here is an anonymized CSU town councillor eating a red and green lollipop:


Some politicians of note actually braved the sparse crowds in the Fürth Füzo (on Thursday; note typical Green supporters in background, bread advert with election theme at right of shop window) – this heckler’s main words were ‘Benzinpreise’ and ‘Scheiße’:


8 thoughts on “Last election pictures / Letzte Wahlfotos

  1. When will I get the vote Margaret…that’s what I want to know…..:-)
    I have been (somewhat begrudgingly but dutifully) paying my taxes for 27 years now … and do I get a chance to have my say……no way!
    Britain gave up on me years ago so I don’t even get a vote there anymore (which is OK by me)
    As a side note: both the BBC and Sky News seem to have the election result already in the bag (1 pm Sunday). Both channels are already saying “Angila Merkell” (sic) has all but already won and will be Germany’s first female Chancellor … Paul

  2. There also seems to be confusion on the “undecided voters” front: BBC states that 10% of voters are undecided whereas CNN somewhat rashly states that 25% are undecided…..could this just be shoddy reporting?

  3. Have you thought about dual nationality, Paul? Theoretically the new law should make it possible for British people, since Britain permits it to Germans (it has to be reciprocal). However, I gather it’s practically impossible in Bavaria. I thought about asking Claudia Roth about that, but then since I haven’t got a vote and since so many Turks can’t get dual nationality, I thought I’d leave it.

    I have not seen news today yet. I recently heard a figure of 30%. I suppose I’ll have to turn it on sooner or later.

  4. Dual nationality? Now that could be worthwhile. But as my supreme aim in life is to move to Spain as soon as finances permit…..I suppose it’s not really on the cards. I’ll have t like it and lump it until such time.

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