Piano lessons for lawyers/Piano-Mann der Zweite

Richard Meyrick, a classical pianist who had to interrupt his career for illness, offers piano lessons to relieve tension. Up to 70% of his clients (pupils?) are lawyers. The Times Online reports:

bq. Many of Meyrick’s clients will, during their working day, inhabit a world that is as far removed from Horowitz and Rachmaninov as possible. All, though, are unstinting in their praise for him. “He has a real gift for teaching, and the experience of practising with him is incredibly uplifting,” Harry Anderson, the former head of litigation at Herbert Smith and now a consultant for the firm, says. “It’s great to be able to escape the office and switch off from the law.”

A competitor is Jonathan Phillips. Perhaps piano-playing is the new city gym:

bq. Jonathan runs a successful Piano studio in the Cotswolds, where his clients learn on his own Steinway concert grand piano, and he will be opening a studio in Mayfair, London in March 2005, and at Canary Wharf later this year. The London studio is aimed at giving professional adults (who perhaps learned when they were younger and would like to rekindle their enthusiasm) the opportunity to work with a professional concert pianist, in a relaxed environment within a reasonable distance of their places of work in central London.

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