Franconian political discussion

I heard this when I was coming up the escalator at the underground today. Two middle-aged, short Franconian men who didn’t look like masters of industry:

A (with pauses) Merkel – Merkel – Merkel.

B Ja, ja!

A. Aber Merkel.

B. Aber der Schröder bleibt.

A. Der Schröder bleibt. Die Schrotkugel bleibt.

B. Ja, ja!

A. Aber die Merkel aa! (= auch)

Of course, this may have been the end of a longer conversation.

2 thoughts on “Franconian political discussion

  1. Schrot implies a shotgun, yes. I’ve never heard it for Schroeder before. It may be just a private joke or a not very amusing play on the sound of his name. Google reveals nothing either. I think it’s just part of the rather bizarre quality of this kind of conversation.
    My Google ads are for jokes!

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