Prohibited degrees in Warrington / Schwiegermutter heiraten

BBC News reports

bq. The European Court of Human Rights earlier this month ruled the ban on marriage between people who were in-laws is a breach of human rights.
The decision came in a case brought by a man and his daughter-in-law.
Coincidentally, that couple were also from Warrington.

The Times still has an article on the Strasbourg case online.

bq. The court was told that a son from the woman’s first marriage now calls his own grandfather “Dad” and that the couple plans to adopt him. The man and woman went to the European Court of Human Rights after being refused permission to marry by the Superintendent Registrar at Warrington Register Office.

Private Acts of parliament have sometimes been passed, but the last was apparently in 1987. One assumes the law will be changed – there have occasionally been remarks suggesting it is pointless.

European Court of Human Rights, Case of B. and L. v. The United Kingdom

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