Woche der ausländischen Mitbürger

I know tomorrow is St. Jerome’s Day, and I know Monday was European Languages Day, but I only accidentally found out that this week is the Woche der ausländischen Mitbürger (Week of Foreign Fellow-Citizens).


According to the poster, these are Giovanni, Ulla, Alexis, Dimitri, Paolo, Petro, Ümüt and Mei Ling, and most of them live in the top storeys (perhaps there are no Hinterhofgebäude where the poster was made).

There is something in Erlangen called ‘Ich muss etwas von dem Eigenen in mir bewahren – um dem unbekannten Anderen gegenüber offen zu sein’, with no further details. Nothing else local. But I think there’s more on the programme than for the European Day of Languages.

(Actually I discovered elsewhere that events in Nuremberg are merged with those for the International Human Rights Prize).

3 thoughts on “Woche der ausländischen Mitbürger

  1. “Ich muss etwxs von dem Eigenen in mir bewxhren — um dem unbekxnnten Xnderen gegenüber offen zu sein”… very cxtchy.

    (Your comment could not be submitted due to questionxble content… Now, I wonder, better xxx it out. Mxrgxret, whxt’s wrong with the comment function? Xll the x’s xbove should be [1st letter in the xlphxbet]’s, but it wouldn’t let me.)

  2. Sorry about that. I have corrected the situation. You should be glad you can get away with x, Ingmar! I have no time to block pings on all my entries, and something must have gone wrong with MT-Blacklist.
    Your name always reminds me of the local TV sales and repair place, Ingomar Schnatzky, btw.

  3. Yes, I thought as much. It’s just funny that it found the a’s offensive… Ingomar Schnatzky? Very nice. I still prefer my name without the “o” (or “e”, quite common, too), but everything’s better than Ingram.

    To return to your post: To you think that slogan will catch on? Must have been written by a lawyer :-)

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