Pictures at Kirchweih/Kirchweihporträts

I saw this wall rather late:


For those who complain about seeing only half of my face on the blog, here is the whole thing. Unfortunately a lot of the background is missing:


9 thoughts on “Pictures at Kirchweih/Kirchweihporträts

  1. What’s that you’re serving up Margaret? Sausage and mash? Sausage and Spätzle? And what’s the stuff in the green bottle?


  2. I suppose those are Nürnberger Bratwürste larger than any ever seen before. Perhaps they are fränkische, which are twice as big as Nürnberger but still not as big as this.
    My guess about the green and red bottles is Federweißer and Federroter – it’s the season for it and they were selling it.

  3. Yes those giant sausages really got me puzzled Margaret. Could you explain what Federweißer and Federroter are? Some kind of early-season wine I imagine…


  4. And the white stuff is probably sauerkraut.

    Federweißer is that young wine that is cloudy and still fermenting. I should think you can get a nasty hangover from it. I looked in the Variantenwörterbuch and it has Gestaubte aund Sturm for parts of Austria and Germany, Sauser Switzerland, Suser South Tyrol. Sometimes called Most, according to the Langenscheidt Muret-Sanders e-Großwörterbuch, which I have only just noticed automatically does a full-text search of all entries, so if I look up Federweißer to see if there’s a good English term (there isn’t, only ‘new wine’), it also shows the entry for Most. A great resource!

  5. They seem to call it just “neuer Wein” around here Margaret…never tried it I must admit. the locals seem to love it in combination with “Zwiebelkuchen” … another of my pet hates… me horrendous flatulence – pretty horrible stuff. Everyone to his or her own I guess…


  6. Yes, I seem to remember going to some kind of Onion Festival – was that in Esslingen? is Esslingen the Onion City? and thinking it must be possible to get used to the Zwiebelkuchen, although I don’t remember the flatulence.

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