Interpreter attacked in Munich court/Dolmetscherin wird von TV-Anwalt gerettet

Süddeutsche Zeitung über lawblog.

Giouri A., the defendant in a Munich court, charged with bewaffnetes Handeltreiben mit Betäubungsmitteln – armed drug dealing – on Tuesday morning suddenly produced a 20 cm (8″) nail, put a headlock on his Russian interpreter and pressed the nail against her neck. His defence counsel got the nail away from him before two court officers overpowered him.

The defence counsel, what’s more, was Sewarion Kirkitadse, a lawyer of Georgian extraction who appears on afternoon court TV shows in Germany. His photo shows his heroic qualities. *And* he has worked as an interpreter himself, for the fascinating Georgian language.

The Russian interpreter is described as Erina J., 50 (maybe Irina or Erika?). Since the defendant is in custody, one can’t help assuming he found the nail in the prison wall.

bq. Am Morgen war er mit einem Gefangenen-Transporter ins Gericht gebracht worden. Üblicherweise werden alle Häftlinge vor dem so genannten Schub noch einmal gründlich durchsucht. Ein Kripobeamter kündigte bereits „interne Ermittlungen“ zu dem Vorfall an.

I quoted that because I remember the ‘so genannten Schub’ – the trip by van to the prison, or the prison away from the court itself.

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