Seminar Juristische Fachübersetzungen Deutsch-Englisch Englisch-Deutsch

The strangely unhyphenated Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut in Munich has long since announced a seminar on legal translation on 25th and 26th November. In fact, it looks as if booking has to take place before November 15th.

There is a programme online, but there is no information as to who is speaking, and the details are from June 2005. I did, as recommended, email for more information on October 16th, but none has been forthcoming. Here’s what it says:

Freitag, 25. November 2005

* Begrüßung des Direktors
* Wunschqualifikation von Fachübersetzungslehrern
* Rechtsfehler in EU-Texten
* Terminologierecherche für EU-Texte
* Terminologierecherche für ein juristisches Fachwörterbuch
* ca. 18:00 Uhr Ende des ersten Tages

Samstag, 26. November 2005

* Übersetzung von Urkunden EN-DE
* Übersetzung von Texten aus dem Bereich Lebensmittelrecht DE-EN
* Übersetzung von Verträgen DE-EN
* Juristische Fachübersetzung: Quo Vadis?
* ca. 15:30 Uhr Ende des Seminars

5 thoughts on “Seminar Juristische Fachübersetzungen Deutsch-Englisch Englisch-Deutsch

  1. I would have thought that you, Margaret, as a Bavarian ‘local’, should have been invited to speak. Maybe there is time for the anti-hyphenation brigade in Munich-Schwabing to do so.

  2. These things have to be planned a long time in advance, what with preparing the proceedings for publication and so on. They did ask me to speak, ages ago, at something called ‘Rechtsraum England/USA’ or something like that, which has now become ‘Translation England/USA’, but when they asked me, I couldn’t take it on because I’d promised something elsewhere. I might have been able to do this, but I’ve only known that for the last three weeks, which is too short.Anyway, I am informed that there will be more information up there in a few days’ time. Hope they are still taking applications after November 15 if I want to go!

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