Wikipedia in Scots

There is a Wikipedia in Scots:

bq. Scots Law, quhiles nae bein unique, differs frae Inglis law quhairby it follaes Roman (Ceevil) Law in mony weys an sae is closer tae the ceevil codes o the Continent nor Inglis Law is. For example, Scots Law disna disteenguish atween “libel” an “slander” – they’re baith “defamation”. In testate succession, ye canna leave yer wife wi naething, never mind whit yer will says.

bq. General preenciples differs an aw, in creeminal law an it wis Scots Law that brocht in majority deceesions for juries an “dimeenished responsibeelity” as a defence in homicide.

I think there’s room for more here.


2 thoughts on “Wikipedia in Scots

  1. What is always amusing on sites like this (including Ulster Scots sites in Northern Ireland) is that they have to resort to colloquial language to make it sound Scottish, and yet colloquial language is not really appropriate. ‘General preenciples differs *an aw*’ – ‘In testate succession, ye canna leave yer wife wi naething’!

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