Making sausages

Today I am busy, so I offer this slightly off-topic entry – it does have to do with living abroad.


There is a wonderful British website called (Molesworth admirers: be careful not to misspell sossages).

It has sausage-making kits at a range of prices, recipes, ingredients, a shop, and a forum where recipes and problems are discussed. You can see pictures in the forum of the making of a pork pie, and read about the dangers to avoid, why the centre is pink (is it cure or is it anchovy essence?). Haggis is also discussed.

For any Germans still reading: German sausages are not neglected (nor are haggis, salami and merguez)

bq. Complete sausage making kit… Just add meat
Everything you need to start making sausages at home
# Includes mincer,
# hog casings,
# 2 different spice blends,
# 3 filling tubes,
# instructions and recipe guide.
Price: £54.00

I found this site once when I was thinking that, although Nuremberg sausages are very good, they are too salty to really enjoy cold. I expected to find information on the Web, but I did not expect a whole forum of enthusiasts (started by Franco Sotgiu, whose Italian father immigrated to Lancashire).

Here’s an article about the site (PDF).

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