Books for translators / Englische Bücher für Übersetzer

Multilingual Matters publish books and journals for translators and interpreters. They have addresses in Britain and the USA, or you can order from their website at a 20% discount.

I wasn’t aware of them before, but they have some authors I’ve heard of.

There is now a fourth revised edition, for instance, of Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown’s A Practical Guide for Translators, which is good (have only seen earlier editions).

I would be tempted by Josef F. Buenker’s The Interpreter’s Guide to the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit, but since I am unlikely to have anything to do with a U.S. case of this kind, I will give it a miss. There is also a book on translation into Scots (Frae Ither Tongues, edited by Bill Findlay), a couple of Newmarks – some of these authors have been taken over from other publishers.

I got this information from a flyer in the ITI Bulletin. The website is full of a wider range of books, and if you click on Topics in Translation or Translating Europe, you don’t see these books. To find the books of interest to translators and interpreters, you need to click on Subject – Translation or Subject – Interpretation or you will never find the book for the 20% online discount!

Don’t forget St. Jerome Publishing, though. They will have to be very good to compete with them. Any opinions on the potential of Contemporary Translation Theories, by Edwin Gentzler of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, at Multilingual Matters? This is a revised 2nd edition, so it must be known. But St. Jerome Publishing has a series of books on theory too.

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