“Underneath Their Robes” covers up/US Blawg verschwindet

Sadly, Underneath Their Robes has gone under cover (I’ve quoted it a couple of times and if I’d got round to tidying up my blogroll, it would have stayed).

The New York Times persuaded the author to out himself:

bq. Soon after The New Yorker magazine disclosed on Monday that its author was not, as the blog claimed, a female lawyer at a big firm with a taste for gossip and luxury goods, but rather a male federal prosecutor in Newark, the site disappeared behind a password-protected virtual wall.
Judges and their law clerks made up much of the site’s readership, and several said yesterday that they had found its mixture of judicial celebrity sightings and over-the-top commentary irresistible.

This has been widely commented elsewhere, as Google reveals. Good information at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground.

Now we’ll have to rely on The Anonymous Lawyer for humour with a touch of reality. Since he’s long since been outed, it must be safe.

(Via Law, My Life and More)

2 thoughts on ““Underneath Their Robes” covers up/US Blawg verschwindet

  1. He did have them. There was a discussion on December 1 2005, and on December 20 2004 his last comments appeared. I don’t know if he ever said why he stopped. Maybe that was the month his identity was revealed?

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