Statutory heir / gesetzlicher Erbe 2

Here is the vocabulary used nowadays for those who inherit:

Testament: Erbe, Vermächtnisnehmer
Gesetzliche Erbfolge: Erbe

Will: beneficiary
Intestate succession: beneficiary

Will: beneficiary (devisee: of real estate, legatee: of personal property)
Intestate succession: heir (or real estate)
distributee / next of kin (of personal property)

In both EN and USA: devise: a gift of real property
legacy / bequest: a gift of personal property
gift: either real or personal property

You can draw a little table with this information, but it doesn’t mean you can translate Erbe as beneficiary or Vermächtnisnehmer as legatee.

Note the distinction in EN and USA law between real property and personal property

Mark Reutlinger: Wills, Trusts, and Estates. Essential Terms and Concepts – on US law of succession

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One thought on “Statutory heir / gesetzlicher Erbe 2

  1. Just a few more ideas:


    Intestate succession: person entitled /on intestacy/ ‘on the statutory trusts’ (Administration of Estate Act 1925).

    Will: devisee of land/realty; legatee of personalty = bequests or legacies


    Will: beneficiary – devisee of real and? personal property: Section 72-1-103(11) Uniform Probate Code. See Derek’s 1st contribution in Erbrecht(3)

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