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Delia Venables has a page summarizing legal weblogs.

There may be several I haven’t mentioned. I certainly haven’t mentioned the latest, John Bolch’s weblog on family law, Family Lore – Random thoughts of a family lawyer. A sample (February 2):

bq. As has been widely reported in the media today, golfer Colin Montgomerie has agreed a £15 million divorce settlement with his former wife. The interesting thing from a family lawyer’s perspective is that it is reported that the lump sum is ‘up to half’ of Montgomerie’s personal wealth and that Mrs Montgomerie accepted it in return for waiving a claim against his future earnings. No doubt Monty is now even more eager to win that first Major tournament!

bq. The Daily Express also reports that Mrs Montgomerie divorced her ex-husband on the basis of his unreasonable behaviour, citing his “obsession” with golf. One wonders just how many professional golfers are not obsessed with their sport…

Nor did I mention Justin Patten’s weblog at Human Law – his main site is interesting too.

There is an interesting remark on UK law blogs in general:

bq. the majority of the them have an Intellectual Property bias. This is probably because IP people have an interest in technology. But where are the divorce law blogs? Or how about some blogs on civil litigation? It would really enhance the quality of the blogs if we could have some which covered other legal disciplines.

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