Blog Translation Carnival / Weblog Übersetzungsfest

Am 28. Februar und einmal pro Monat danach soll ein Blog-Übersetzungsfest stattfinden. Die Veranstalter haben wahrscheinlich mit literarischer Übersetzung zu tun. Man kann in und aus jeder Sprache übersetzen, wobei ich mich fragen muss, ob Übersetzungen aus dem Walisischen ins Georgische viel Anklang finden werden.

Via languagehat we learn that there is to be a ‘Blog Translation Carnival’ on February 8th and once a month thereafter – see Altalk Blog. Good news for those who aren’t, and perhaps also those who are, blind drunk on account of the Mardi Gras date. For the following requires quite a bit of coordination:

bq. You can translate any blog entry that was posted in the month of February 2006. It can be your own blog entry, if you like.
From participants I need:
your name
name of your blog
your blog URL
post title in target language

bq. name of blog you’re translating
name of person you’re translating
that URL
the post title in the source language
You should get permission from the person you’re translating to post your translation of their work. I would also suggest that you might introduce your translation for the target-language audience, and provide some context if you can.

Altalk is a weblog for the American Literary Translators’ Association.

Steve hopes lots of polyglots will participate, although I suppose diglots will do.

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