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Section 532 is a Review of the Year of our Lord 2005.

bq. 2005 was the year that introduced our readers, not only to natural disasters (Nos 423, 495), but also to neutral citation (No 417), ASBOs (No 426), FoI (Nos 437, 471, 505, 511), G8 (No 483), HBJ Gateley Wareing (No 506), the rights to roam (No 432) and to buy (Nos 432, 469), duck density as a measure of university quality (No 470), humanist weddings (No 477), civil partnerships (No 529), Creative Commons and “copyleft” (No 522), and Lord President Hamilton (No 518; note also No 516).

In section 529 (scroll down), we learn that common-law marriage has gone:

bq. Slipped in during the Bill’s parliamentary progress was the abolition of yet another bit of Scots law’s medieval heritage, viz marriage by cohabitation with habit and repute (see section 2A). Another good exam question gone! – although there are some transitional provisions on the subject to which the desperate examiner may be able to turn for a few years yet.

The tone is dry but far from dour.

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