I’m posting this message which I got from the u-forum mailing list (mailing lists for translators):

bq. The IATE database has been put into production in the EU’s translation
services in summer last year. It is not yet accessible to the public. The
URL you have used is a link to a test database; when we noticed that this
url has been published in various newsgroups on the internet we had to
block the access to avoid performance problems. The system is today simply
not ready to be used by the public. However, the developments that are
necessary to make IATE available to external users with a satisfying level
of service are ongoing. We hope that you will be able to use IATE from mid

bq. Until then Eurodicautom will remain accessiblehttp://europa.eu.int/eurodicautom/Controller
(). Please note that
Eurodicautom had some technical problems recently. The system is, however,
up and running again.
Best regards,
IATE Support Team
Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU

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