Serial parking offenders/Serielle Parksünder

Der Stadtrat von Westminster will härter mit Fahrern umgehen, die ihre Strafzettel nicht bezahlen. Zu diesem Zwecke wurden die Kennzeichen der Sünder veröffentlich (Artikel in der Evening Standard zeigt ein Fahrzeug, das 25,000 Pfund schuldet).

Wer mindestens drei Strafzettel nicht bezahlt hat riskiert, dass eine Parkkralle angebracht wird und danach Besitzerdetails genau überprüft werden.

Über UK Criminal Justice Weblog

3 thoughts on “Serial parking offenders/Serielle Parksünder

  1. Typical British “over-the-top” Margaret. God…am I glad I don’t live there anymore and that I live in a relatively normal society where you are not being moitored, watched, checked, scrutinsed and generally hauled over the coals 24/7 ….


  2. No applicable as far as I know Margaret. There is one part-time “parkie” and she only slaps tickets on vehicles of “non-Ehninger” …. for fear of being shouted at (have seen this in action). There is, however, one major “Parksünder” here: a fish vendor from Cuxhaven who peddles his evil-smelling wares from a position right in front of my underground carpark ramp (with a visible sign saying they’ll tow your car away). Shouting at him or threatening to call the part-time policeman (who only comes one afternoon a week) is futile.. one gets shouted at by his clients who are invariably over 80 and will have none of it, so deperate are they to get their hands on his fish. I often have to wait about half a hour to get my car out on such days. Sorry about my rant by the way … got carried away – it’s not the country I left 27 years ago anymore sadly


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