Improve your English videoclip

Michael Kadlicz links to a wonderful video advising Germans to learn English, a Berlitz ad.

It’s rather reminiscent of Tony Hancock’s Radio Ham (possibly downloadable here), but more concise.

9 thoughts on “Improve your English videoclip

  1. Someone sent me that last week Margaret. A wonderful piece of advertising. A friend from Spain and I were repeating it to ourselves and others all week….
    It’s an advertiser’s dream … they kow it will get banded about the Internet for free.


  2. Ciaran: yes, I see your point. The main aim is to spread the word Berlitz, but it isn’t getting through to the right people. Still, I could learn another language there, couldn’t I? Could they be worse than the Fürth VHS at teaching Turkish? Still, maybe they should have done it with a speaker of English not managing German.

  3. Michael, I saw that entry on your blog, but it was accompanied by a request to download the Quicktime plugin, and I didn’t want to. Sorry about that.
    QuickTime has been terribly jerky for me so I deleted it a couple of weeks ago with a view to reinstalling, but I am afraid it will take me an hour to sort out the audio problems, and I have some other things to do, so I am going to download it again in my own time. Jez also has something on his blog that requires Quicktime that I must remember to look at.

  4. Of course it could be targeted at employer/manager types who are expected to get the joke but then fret that their underlings won’t.

    The distressed seaperson sounds suspiciously like a TEFL teacher, don’t you think?

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