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The mysteriously uplifted Chartered Institute of Linguists (see earlier entries) has revamped its website but not its domain name (at something else can be found). The menu items are all preceded by >, but perhaps that is a mistake? There is a Discussion Forum there, on which legal translation questions are sometimes discussed (for instance by the mysterious Maurice), but it is offline due to technical problems at the moment.

3 thoughts on “CIoL website

  1. You think so?
    Actually, when I look at that forum – which is not often – what strikes me is that there seems to be a resident opiner who opines on everything, or rather everything German, I suppose. It’s really like intruding in someone’s living room.

  2. Well, you can accuse Maurice of many things, but not of German intrusiveness – Ein- bzw. Aufdringlichkeit.

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