Muret-Sanders DE>EN 1902 on DVD-ROM

For anyone dealing with older German texts, the 1902 Muret-Sanders is very useful. I repost this from a small mailing list on non-contemporary German:

We have just released a 600dpi high-resolution version of the
brilliant 1902 edition of the Muret-Sanders. 2,458 pages of the
German to English Grosse Ausgabe now on DVD-ROM with 2.9Gb of page
data. Visit this site for full-screen images of the new DVD version:
Or go to for more info. Priced for a limited time at only $64.95 through or Paypal (membership not required).
Thank you,
Martin Dudaniec

The dictionary can be searched, and there is an additional free program, GE Trans, that makes this easier.

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