I need more cement/Deutsche Bauarbeiter suchen Arbeit in England

The Independent reports:

bq. German builders are heading to the UK in a reversal of the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet emigration of the British building trade in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Thoughts are being given to cultural and language training:

bq. Andreas Thiele, managing director of E & E Fertigteile GmbH, knows first- hand about the cultural differences, having once worked for an English firm.

bq. “There’s a different kind of honour code there. The spoken word is taken much more seriously in England. We Germans tend to be overly legal with everything spelled out in written contracts. Over there in the UK a handshake and word of honour will do,” says Thiele.

bq. Language can also be a barrier, so the craftsmen organisation offers an English course geared specifically towards the construction industry. Such phrases as “I need more cement” and “Have you measured up that wall?” are on the agenda but not “Wer wird den tee machen?” – who’s going to make the tea?

3 thoughts on “I need more cement/Deutsche Bauarbeiter suchen Arbeit in England

  1. Hmm, I’d think that German construction workers would be more interested in who’s bringing the beer than in who’s making the tea…

  2. Quite Margaret

    Scott is correct
    Have never seen a construction site over here without a crate of beer to be found somewhere…

    Quite right too…tea indeed!
    They apparently would be thrown off the site in the UK/instant dismissal etc. according to my brother-in-law who knows such things..

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