Interpretation and Translation Resources for the U.S. Criminal Justice System/Teilweise mehrsprachige Materialien für U.S. Strafjustiz

Interpretation and Translation Resources for the Criminal Justice System, on the LLRX site for March – possibly soon to be replaced by April, or have they got the month wrong? If the link ceases to work, the article will still be somewhere on the LLRX site.

Many links, for example to flash cards for identifying languages, how to work with interpreters, directories of interpreters and translators (one wonders how they chose the three private companies listed), federal and state ethics codes and interpreter programmes, and guides for judges, attorneys and court staff on how to work with interpreters. There are also links to periodicals, with some past issues available online, and a bibliography.

(I overlooked this month’s LLRX till I saw it on Handakte WebLAWg),

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