Lawyers’ obituaries / Nachrufe 2

As usual, I gather from the comments that some who do not wish to have their own weblog nevertheless feel there is something missing here.

You can get lots of further obituaries via Google. For Lord Ackner’s swimming (see comment to earlier entry), The Telegraph is the source:

bq. Slim, with a dark complexion, Ackner loved the open air and insisted on swimming in his pool in the most inclement weather. He also sailed his own yacht, gardened, enjoyed the theatre and collected antiques.

The Guardian adds:

bq. Ackner’s father was Dr Conrad Ackner, a Viennese Jewish dentist who came to Britain before the first world war, treated members of the British royal family and Queen Maud of Norway, and collected elephants’ tusks.

I can’t find a reference to him talking to Holborn Law College though.

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