Jingle jangle / Hafertriangel

When they ask you, ‘Do you want cheese or ham?’, this is the ham.

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4 thoughts on “Jingle jangle / Hafertriangel

  1. Welcome back Margaret

    Hope you have suffered no ill effects from this “oat triangle”. I must have eaten something similar last year with no outwardly noticeable side effects….


  2. Ich
    das Brot
    ist weg denn –
    it’s final date’s near.
    To sue the baker brings no cheer :-(

    Does not confirm Martin Luther’s alleged statement “Warum rülpset…etc. Hat’s euch denn nicht geschmeckt?. I think that here they would, although it still hadn’t ‘geschmeckt’.

    One wonders what the alternative cheese had by way of an Inhaltsverzeichnis?

    Chris ;-)

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