7 thoughts on “Non-U.S. Blawgs/Juristische Blogs der Welt

  1. Funny you should ask that, Dan!

    I have linked two very good ones: Aktenvermerk by Ingmar Greil and Juristisches und Sonstiges by Michael Kadlicz. Both in German. There may be one or two other Austrian blawgs, but I don’t know them.

    You do have a very full list. I see you have the Portuguese ones. You probably know this page.

  2. I haven’t linked many legal weblogs – most of the weblogs I linked were language weblogs. But if you click on the category ‘Weblogs’ under this entry, you can see all the entries about weblogs I ever made. Maybe some of the very early ones are law ones.

  3. Dan, I have recently written a short article about the “State of the Austrian Blawgosphere” on my blog. Bottom line: Martin’s “Juristisches und Sonstiges” and my “Aktenvermerk” are the only regularly updated legal blogs in Austria.

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