Every lawyer needs a hobby/Freizeitbeschäftigung für Anwälte

Evan Schaeffer, in his Legal Underground, once explained how important he thinks it is for a lawyer to have a hobby.

Had he encountered Donald Ray Burger, of Houston, Texas?

Not just turtles and farewell to a Texas boot store, but Cherokees and outstanding store-bought blackberry jelly.

Thanks to kalebeul.

2 thoughts on “Every lawyer needs a hobby/Freizeitbeschäftigung für Anwälte

  1. Blue Balls Night?!! Brings back my teenage years. I can only hope something exciting happened with them later. My inner 14-year-old wants to make a joke about the pile of erected chairs but I’m holding back.

  2. I didn’t actually see anyone with blue balls, you will be disappointed to hear.
    According to the local paper, the balls failed to do their stuff. There were supposed to be 150, lit from within, forming 150 blue moons. They were lower because of the wind. The artist is rumoured to have parted company with her technical specialist two days earlier. Her 10-meter ball in the Rathaus courtyard flew off to the east in the afternoon. N

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