Viennese truffles / Wiener Trüffel

This term seems to have two meanings. See Der Neubauer Hunde-Knigge and Scheißtag. For doggerel and songs see Or alternatively Confiserie Heindl.

Patently silly cites and links to a patent for a Receptacle Assembly for Receiving Canine Fecal Matter (with drawings) (via a comment in Metroblogging Vienna).

Meanwhile, in Fürth, not everyone is as lucky as I am to live in the same building as Hektor, the model for the latest Hundehäufchen leaflet.

6 thoughts on “Viennese truffles / Wiener Trüffel

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to the Viennese truffle simile. Being a victim of such dog truffles, I was eager to be the no.1 digit at the end signing the petition.

    At least the sweet-smelling horse-drawn carriages around St. Stephen’s Cathedral have been considering horse ‘nappies’.

  2. I can’t recall a single nappied horse around Stephansplatz since the idea was first mooted 4 years ago by carriage-owners as a protest against City Council poop-scoop charges. Maybe Ingmar has been keeping a closer eye on the trusty and well-behaved steeds.

  3. Thanks for that, Ingmar. I should have been keeping my ear, or rather nose, closer to the ground. I’ll assume the flat-rate charge really is an exorbitant Euro 2,775 and not EUR 2.775 as written in Eng.

    Coming back to the original Wiener Hundeklo petition, I fear the problem in many city districts is getting to a point of land devaluation, for instance lower-level and ground-floor apartments etc. are going to be harder to sell because of canine territorial stake-outs.

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