Budget companions / Haushaltsbegleitgesetz

I was just wondering how to translate Haushaltsbegleitgesetz and seeing if Google helped.

Full title: Gesetz über Maßnahmen zur Entlastung der öffentliche Haushalte sowie über strukturelle Anpassungen in dem in Artikel 3 des Einigungsvertrages genannten Gebiet
Short title: Haushaltsbegleitgesetz
Abbreviation: HBeglG

Wikipedia (German), which seems reliable, says it’s an Act that is passed every year together with the budget and the Budget Act (Haushaltsgesetz), and that it makes amendments to other statutes affected by the budget (this is an oversimplification but will do for here). The HBeglG is there an Artikelgesetz (Romain: Amending Act (act amending specified articles). There is a separate Act because the Budget Act only applies to one year, whereas the amendments remain in force until altered.

Now I know that many law firms will have translated this term in their newsletters, but the easiest way to see some suggestions is Google.

Google: Haushaltsbegleitgesetz English

Ghits: concomitant budget law

Google: Haushaltsbegleitgesetz act
Ghits: Budget Companion Act, Budget Supplement Act, Budget Supplementary Act, accompanying budget law, Budget Support Act, Budget Supplementary Law, Budget Accompanying Act, collateral budget act

Plenty to choose from there! Many people believe Gesetz should be translated as Law, but there’s no need for that here. Still, a Google search on ‘Haushaltsbegleitgesetz law’ might produce more alternatives (it didn’t). Act should always be capitalized, by the way, and IMO the other main words in the title too.

I think I will go for Budget Supplement Act. I see the thought behind Budget Supplementary Act, because the Supplement sounds as if it were a statute approving a supplement to the budget, but the relationship between Budget and Supplementary is a bit iffy too.

After that I discovered a translation of the whole thing in my vocabulary database, done by me in 2003.

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