World cup begins / Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft

Not everyone was concerned with the World Cup in Fürth this afternoon, as this fully decorated Christmas tree shows:



But many were:



I wonder if that fly is to scale.


Note the decoration on the Dreiherrenbrunnen in the background.

3 thoughts on “World cup begins / Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft

  1. I overlooked that. They aren’t very present on the Internet, are they? I see a prize relating to Arabic has recently been introduced elsewhere. I wonder if the judges are expected to speak one or the other relevant language, but there are two Hungarian novels on the list, and I doubt they have a speaker of that. Or maybe it’s just tradition. Does anyone know?

  2. I see Trevor points out that this quote is rubbish (not without justification). I was actually deliberately avoiding the bit quoted in Luxus Linguae, because I had the feeling that was just toeing the line – someone had been asked to judge a translation competition and obviously she was going to make such statements. I am looking forward to Homer brushing up his English.

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