Rooney’s educated uncle / Falscher Dolmetscher legt ARD rein

Apparently the German TV station ARD broadcast an interview with an ‘uncle’ of Wayne Rooney’s. To quote the Independent:

bq. Mr Rooney describes himself as a freelance author and interpreter. He says he moved from Manchester to Germany in 1973, apparently completing a PhD at the University of Bremen, after learning German by reading the works of Heinrich Heine and Gotthold Lessing and the German football magazine Kicker.

German report in Spiegel Online.

It seemed odd that the man has the surname Rooney but claims to be a brother of Wayne’s mother. Perhaps the complexity of German names law confused the reporter.

bq. “He is a fantastic footballer. I always told him that he could be one of the greats if he could keep injury-free.” Asked how he reacted to news of Wayne Rooney’s broken metatarsal, he said: “I thought, it’s happened again. Oh shit!”

I wonder what he’s saying now. Nailbiting times at Wheeler’s Pub in Erlangen:


And recovering outside with fish and chips after the game:


9 thoughts on “Rooney’s educated uncle / Falscher Dolmetscher legt ARD rein

  1. Yes, the Independent article makes it clear it was not true. It’s probably too late for the Tagesspiegel article. I think I was a bit behind the times with this news.

  2. Thank God it’s all over for England Margaret .. maybe if Germany also lose I’ll be spared nutters driving round in circles in open-topped cars with at least 6 German flags, at least 6 girls standing up in the back, tooting their horns for hours on end and generally going over the top. I guess celebrations in your neck of the woods also went on till 5 in the morning, like here? Nothing against celebrating of course, but I think 9 hours is just a tad too long for comfort….


  3. I suppose it was a bit loud, but this is the pedestrian zone so the driving around happens in Nuremberg, I think. I can’t really wish Germany to lose, because they’re all having so much fun, but I loathe the German TV commentary on all 3 channels: most of the commentators have a know-all, ‘told you so’ line that is unjustified and grates. I’m afraid that rubs off on my feelings about the German team, although I don’t mind them in themselves.
    The Dreiherrenbrunnen three figures are now all holding Italian flags and have cast off all their German colours. Up them!

  4. Why anyone would now want to claim a link with a soccer player more ‘on the wane’ than waxing is unclear. The only thing that rings true is the surname of Irish ancestry. Let the GBP 24 million ball-stumbler with boxed ears go and play for the Republic of Ireland or return to pugilism.

  5. Margaret

    My “Klick Tel 2004” indicates that, as per 2004, there were no less than 14 “Rooneys” in Germany with connected telephones and who had not opted to be ex-directory, among them 2 David Rooneys and 2 Daniel Rooneys … I guess the two Davids would be more likely to be the real relatives. Maybe I could sell this information for a fortune to Bildzeitung but, there again, maybe not…


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