Certification / Zertifizierung


This is an SDL-Trados ad I saw in the ITI Bulletin, and it’s available online too. I am always impressed by the wonderful fingernail styling you see nowadays, and I wonder how easy it is to type with those nails (click to enlarge picture). However, the translator may use voice recognition software or, like Paul, typists (but I don’t think they’d show a male translator in an ad like this).

The text has a further heading: Demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in the Global Ecosystem.

SDL-Trados itself says the certification is very popular with clients:

bq. Corporate Language Departments and Language Service Providers are very positive, as they welcome a certification program that reduces the amount of time spent pre-qualifying translators on their expertise in translation technology and the practical application of the Create, Cleanse and Maintain (CCM) Methodology.

Create, Cleanse (I think that’s what they call Cleanen in German), Maintain. I use Star Transit and you don’t have to clean that. But my output is perhaps on the grubby side. And what about the Global Ecosystem: what if you drop out of it?

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