Semaphore alphabet/Winkeralphabet

Further to my last entry (enlarge the graphic there to see the image on the gold sticker):

There is a German semaphore alphabet (deutsches Winkeralphabet).
Here is T, for example:


Then there is an international semaphore alphabet (scroll down; internationales Winkeralphabet). Here is T:


and here is H:


The Trados symbol uses the German version. In English, Trados referred to the figure simply as Flagman (Wikipedia’s flagperson), without further explanation. Advertising from Trados came by email headed Flagman Calling!

Thus are the pitfalls of international communication. I think Monty Python could have done something with this. I have now added to my vocabulary: winkern, Winkspruch, Winkeralphabet, Winkflaggen, Winkverfahren and wig-wag flags (the predecessor).

There are also, of course, international maritime signal flags, but I won’t go into those.

5 thoughts on “Semaphore alphabet/Winkeralphabet

  1. On the back-to-front (mirror) image at TranslationZone, the Flagman seems to signify:
    “Ausstreichen” (Delete?) under the German semaphore alphabet.
    “Z” under the international semaphore alphabet.

  2. Well, Isabella, I certainly hope you don’t think I’m someone who could represent a company that doesn’t understand the international semaphore alphabet – what would my clients think?

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