Wordy Birdy/Papageikurs automatisiert


The Wordy Birdy Speech Trainer takes the effort out of teaching your – or someone else’s – parrot interesting words.

This device allows you to record what you would like your bird to say and repeat it over a time period from 1 minute to 80 minutes.

(Via Gizmodo)

9 thoughts on “Wordy Birdy/Papageikurs automatisiert

  1. In Spain old ladies do it free, all day. Here’s a typical conversation between a granny just along the street and her bird:
    –Guapa! (Gorgeous!)

  2. I’ll have to teach her to say “Hello Trevor” first. At the moment I think she thinks I am one of the Russian mafia who hang out on the corner.

  3. On Majorca, as Trevor probably also knows, German club- and bar-owners also parrot in a drunken Spanish stupour all night:

    gilipollas – bloody idiot

    The gizmo/device would also make an excellent way of learning a foreign language or the law. Could supplant lecturers at the College of Law of England & Wales.

  4. Trevor is presumably in Mexico, practising his Castilian.
    I’m not sure the parrot would do the job at question-and-answer sessions, nor perhaps leave long enough dictation spaces.

  5. My husband and I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee and in the process misplaced or lost our Wordy Birdy. This was wonderful for our Cockatiel who passed away before our move. However, I am ordering one for our two Parakeets.

    Barbara Grove
    Kodak, TN

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