Curious insect names/Etymologie von Insektennamen

The page Curiosities of biological nomenclature has some odd examples:

bq. Piseinotecus divae Er. Marcus, 1955 (gastropod) “Piseinotecus” means “I stepped on Teco.” Teco was a dog belonging to a diva (or to Prof. Diva Corrêa). One of the Marcuses (Evelyne or Ernst) stepped on the dog on the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

bq. Bufonaria borisbeckeri Parth, 1996 (bursid sea snail) Etymology: “Ich widme die neue Art Boris Becker, dem meines Erachtens größten deutschen Einzelsportler aller Zeiten.” [Spixiana 19(1): 129]

bq. Strigiphilus garylarsoni Clayton, ~1989 (owl louse) “I considered this an extreme honor. Besides, I knew no one was going to write and ask to name a new species of swan after me. You have to grab these opportunities when they come along.” – Gary Larson

But when I read this Independent headline, I thought people had been crushing Volkswagen cars: Fans ‘exterminate’ Hitler beetle


bq. Some biologists have suggested that Sheibel’s naming of a blind beetle after the Führer was, in fact, an attempt to ridicule him. Such antics aren’t unimaginable. Last year, three newly-discovered types of slime mold beetle were named after members of the current US administration: A bushi, A cheneyi and A rumsfeldi. All done with the greatest of respect, of course, claim the scientists at Cornell University, who named them.

Yes, but have people been rushing to collect these three?

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