Legal TV UK online / Englisches Online Juristenfernsehen is a TV channel which has apparently been online (and on Sky) since February. It calls itself ‘The law firm in your living room’.

Via RollOnFriday:

bq. A spokeswoman told us that the channel launched back in February, although no one noticed, and it is targeting students, qualified lawyers and, err, really just the public generally. Rather alarmingly, it aims to be a “law firm in your living room” and viewers will be able to enjoy such varied programmes as “Cook with Counsel – bringing the courtroom to your kitchen” and “M.D.A. – where lawyers operate on doctors”.

8 thoughts on “Legal TV UK online / Englisches Online Juristenfernsehen

  1. Yes, saw this on ROF. Sounds a bit dire, really. Law is actually not something that works very well on tv, I would have thought …

  2. I have seen one or two good fictional things, but it was the non-legal bits that were good! There was a great programme called Called to the Bar a few years ago, a worm’s-eye view of barristers known and unknown. But what this channel intends is getting its adverts across, I suppose.

  3. >>What would Google say about those other variants: I frequently use ergoogeln, but could also conceive vergoogeln, angoogeln (wir wollen es mal angoogeln), missgoogeln, ausgoogeln (er hat ausgegoogelt: he is dead), aufgoogeln,

  4. Be careful, or you might get googled.
    (In the new meaning of legally gobsmacked for using a naughty and prohibited word).

  5. Actually I think that’s a good idea… Google off! Stick it up your google!
    It would certainly avoid the stipulated legal penalties for “Beamtenbeleidung” here –

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