Lawyers and languages in the EU/Schwerer Schlag für Letzebuergisch

Rambeau’s Diary reports a decision of the European Court of Justice of September 19. It held that, in the EU, a lawyer does not have to speak the language of the country he wants to practise in. I got this via Trevor, who is speculating on the significance for the need for a Catalan lawyer to speak Castilian.

ECJ press release.

EuGH Pressemitteilung.

I have my doubts about the Spanish problem, as I imagine member states can make what internal rules for their own lawyers they like. But if a Spanish lawyer wants to practise (in Spanish law) in Finland, need he pass a test on Finnish?

The cases in question concerned Graham Wilson, a barrister and Louise Benjamin. a solicitor. They were refused permission to practise in Luxembourg unless they passed language tests in German, French and Luxembourgish.

Wilson decision EN

LATER NOTE: I wrote this before reading Working Languages – could have saved myself the effort!

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