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Talk Like a Pirate Day
I really meant to join in Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 18) this year. Unfortunately I put it in my diary as today, September 21. So here, to make up for it, is a link to a video on Language Log telling you how to talk like a pirate. I tend to avoid Ahoy, however, as it sounds too Czech to me.

Deed Poll
I used to teach the term deed poll and realised it meant a deed for one person. I didn’t realize it meant the sides of the paper were cut straight, though of course indenture refers to two halves of a document separated by a jagged line. Languagehat and commentators fill this in. (Ignorance despite coming from the county of pollarded hornbeams).

ADÜ-Nord Infoblatt (German)
Familiar but always good to see. Find the latest edition by clicking through via Publikationen.

Translation Journal (English)
A new edition out (October). In which we read an interview with the elusive Gabe Bokor himself.

Juripole (French)
Frédéric Houbert has bulletins on his site and more. He usually discusses English legal terms:

bq. Know all men by these presents
Cette expression incantatoire reste aujourd’hui très fréquente dans les documents juridiques américains. Elle est le plus souvent utilisée dans les procurations et les surety bonds (cautionnements), où elle peut apparaître en titre ou en sous-titre : Ex. 1)

Examples and more explanation follow.

Webster’s Online Dictionary
I mentioned this ages ago. It has done very well so far. Look at this page on foreclosure, and scroll all the way down to see what’s on offer. I can’t see it in a sonnet rhyming with Crozier, however.

6 thoughts on “Roundup / Ein paar Links

  1. Is Webster’s American? I don’t recall a Decree of Foreclosure & Sale in the UK. The County Court Lists in England & Wales are presently bursting with Mortgage Repossession – not foreclosure – actions by banks and building societies.

  2. Sorry to confuse – I didn’t mean to praise its handling of foreclosure, but foreclosure happens to be one of the words of the day and scrolling down shows how bizarre it is. I repeat from earlier entry:
    Our mission is to create the largest dictionary of modern language usage (the equivalent of 500 encyclopedias). The dictionary will soon consist of over 400 modern languages, and 10 ancestral languages, with some 30 million individual entries across languages (including expressions, technical terminologies, and words). The languages included are read or spoken by over 95 percent of the world

  3. I take it you heeded the warning on the sign, so the ichthyosaurus didn’t get a chance to pinch your chewing gum. I suppose it isn’t good for their teeth.

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