German-Surinam Creole dictionary/Wörterbuch Deutsch-Suriname-Creole

Google Books reveals Wullschläger’s 1856 dictionary for missionaries (spotted by Trevor).

I always find it bizarre to find German written in Fraktur and the other language not.

jdn. als Koch anstellen: potti hem na koki
der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm: aranja (od. manja) no fadóm fárawei vo hem boom
das Bein brechen: broko hem foetoe
das Gesetz brechen: broko da wet
Eingang: doro
einheimische Kräuter: krioro wiwiri
Deutsch: opo-duisi
Furz: popòe; winti
Geschwätz: taki taki; taki
Nebel: smoko vo gron; dampoe; smoko

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  1. Yes, I got the full comment notified by email – I can’t work out what happened here, but it may have been the closing quotes (I am ignorant about html but they may cancel the rest).

    I think the Queen should also get a matching stripy dress, hat, handbag and shoes.

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