Tea breaks/Pausen

The London Ambulance Service is allowing its paramedics to have tea breaks, in line with EU practice (don’t they have to have coffee?). Tom Reynolds says they can still go to emergencies, but they can allow trivial cases to wait.

The Sun takes this story as an opportunity to roll out all its usual anti-EU vocabulary (even BILD doesn’t do that, does it?)

PARAMEDICS are being forced to finish tea breaks before attending 999 calls under barmy EU rules.
Ambulance staff warned patients could die after the dozy diktat comes into force today.

One paramedic — who did not wish to be named for fear of losing his job — said: “In other parts of Britain, like Manchester, ambulance services have opted out of the European Working Time Directive that enforces breaks.

I wonder if anyone’s collected the Sun’s EU terminology.

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