Matrix chambers website cloned/Barristerwebsite geklont

Hier wurde eine berühmte Website geklont. Die Telefonnummern sind nicht die der Klonenden. Dahinter könnte die Absicht stecken, das Recht um Klonen zu testen (es handelt sich hier nicht um Ausgeben der Site eines anderen als die eigene, also um passing off).

Matrix Chambers website
At present still online, but how much longer:
Lando Attorneys website

Not just the layout and colour, but also the text has been largely taken over.
What possessed them to clone this of all websites?

Cherie Booth and her fellow barristers at Matrix Chambers are usually involved in fighting discrimination, protecting human rights and exposing injustice. But Britain’s best-known team of lawyers have had to resort to legal action to defend themselves against internet pirates who are using Matrix’s personnel, host of awards and high reputation in an apparent money-making scam.

The matter isn’t as simple as it looks, because it’s not clear who is behind it and how they benefit. The names of two members of Matrix are given, with the Matrix switchboard number. Attempts by Matrix to have the site removed have been going on for at least a week, apparently.

However, Dr Simon Moores, an internet security expert, said Matrix may not succeed in banishing the Lando website from cyberspace: ‘In my opinion as a non-lawyer, Lando Attorneys are exploring the gap between “passing off” [pretending that someone else’s property is your own], which is illegal, and cloning, which isn’t. This isn’t in my opinion a visible attempt at passing off, though it comes close, because Lando have not used Matrix’s name on their site. I think this is cloning. This is a grey area of the law, which is ambivalent, in regards to websites.’

Note in particular the change in the photo of Kevin, under Staff Team (Who We Are).

From The Observer

5 thoughts on “Matrix chambers website cloned/Barristerwebsite geklont

  1. Well, the address 4 Paper Buildings exists but not, according to the Bar Directory, a Chambers called Lando Attorneys. The view from the Inner Temple’s Pegasus Bar on the other side of the drive – which I know well – might suggest a drunken, jealous plot hatched to needle Matrix.

  2. Yes, Kevin is a(n) hilarious change from white to PC-Human Rights black. I can’t work out, though, what a Practice Administrator is or does, unless the real Kevin – an ex-Practising Solicitor – is an elevated Barrister’s Clerk. (Thank you so much for the John A. Flood Barrister’s Clerks download).

    Without wishing to names-drop I’ve found, over the years, that Matrix members – even in the upper QC and Knighted echelons of the Chambers, tend to be approachable – self-effacing and not at all haughty.

    I can’t help thinking the cloned site is at least a practical joke or at most an elaborate hoax, maybe down to sour grapes spat out by a handful of Pegasus Bar/Bar Students failing to obtain a pupillage with Matrix Chambers.

  3. You’ll see that Lando Attorney’s is “Is the sole appointed Attorneys by the National Gambling Agency Of United Kingdom to handled the legal services needed in the processing of lotto Winners Payments.”
    So I suspect it’s part of a “You’ve won the International Lottery”-type scam. Just want a website that looks vaguely professional if anyone tries to check them out.

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