Who needs the greengrocer’s apostrophe?/Obst

Seen on the Fürther Freiheit this morning:





I stuck to the Galla and Pinova (note the careful distinction made between Italy and Südtirol)

5 thoughts on “Who needs the greengrocer’s apostrophe?/Obst

  1. Thank you for the mention of the Barristers’ Clerks book. The comment is here instead of the item itself because of the comments switch. I have, by the way, tried to make as many of my publications freely available as possible at my website johnflood.com. And finally in connection with the general theme of your blog I am currently working with a research project on globalization and law at Bremen University. I enjoy your blog and have added a link to my blog. best wishes, John

  2. Thanks very much, John.
    I always close comments soon – I need to move to new software that lets me leave them open without getting spam, and that shows the most recent comments. I did notice the Bremen connection, which is interesting. I started reading the book on clerks and found (the first few pages!) extremely interesting, considering the multitude of functions of clerks and lack of knowledge about them, to say nothing about payment for candles.

  3. It took me a while before I realized Renecloden was related to Reineclaude, but then you don’t see them often enough. And as for my photos, I realize Braeburn is difficult to write. But it’s hard to imagine the person knew what S

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