Otoplastik / Ear moulds

If you thought the World Cup was bad enough, consider what some Fürth inhabitants may be wearing soon:



(from Rottmann Hörakustik)

This is a bit of a translation problem, as Otoplastik means both the process of creating shapes to fit into the ear and the shapes themselves. Otoplasty, on the other hand, is surgery to tidy up cauliflower and other misshapen ears.

Perhaps these Fürth moulds are just to keep noise out. You could pop them in and then have a cup of Fürth jubilee coffee or fruit tea. Or you could save the 45 euros and just stick a cloverleaf in your ear.


3 thoughts on “Otoplastik / Ear moulds

  1. I love this … and your blog! Actually I probably shouldn’t make any comment as my employer is the one resposible for the 1000-year bash (!) however someone should run a competition perhaps, or award prizes, for the wierdest stuff being sold to celebrate F

  2. Ah, excellent – a spy on the inside? I missed the fireworks, but apparently would have been disappointed. I wonder if they can top this?
    I would like to run a competition, but I don’t have enough F

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