BAILII Openlaw project: ältere Urteile online/Older English case-law online

Also from Delia Venables Internet Newsletter for Lawyers, in an article by Joe Ury:

Since BAILII is a relatively new system, there are few cases available before the mid-1990s. The OpenLaw project aims to identify and add to BAILII a limited number of judgments that are important in the core teaching areas of law. To determine which older cases should be added, the OpenLaw project made contact with teachers of law and gathered lists of about 2,500 important judgments and these are – so far as it is possible within the lim itations of copyright – gradually being put up on BAILII.

On the Open Law page on BAILII there are links to lists of cases in criminal law, contract law, tort etc. that are intended to be put online, and the cases in the list that are already online have links. Thus one can find a list of tort cases, and there select the 1935 case Grant v. Australian Knitting Mills, one of those one remembers from one’s studies, and here it is online:

The underwear, consisting of two pairs of underpants and two singlets, was bought by the appellant at the shop of the respondents, John Martin & Co., Ltd., who dealt in such goods and who will be hereafter referred to as the retailers, on the 3rd June, 1931; the retailers had in ordinary course at some previous date purchased them with other stock from the respondents, the Australian Knitting Mills Ltd., who will be referred to as the manufacturers; the garments were of that class of the manufacturers’ make known as Golden Fleece. The appellant put on one suit on the morning of Sunday, the 28th June, 1931; by the evening of that day he felt itching on the ankles but no objective symptoms appeared until the next day, when a redness appeared on each ankle in front over an area of about 2½ inches by 1½ inches. The appellant treated himself with calomine lotion, but the irritation was such that he scratched the places till he bled.

I don’t remember knowing quite how ill the appellant became.

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