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Enigmatic Mermaid found Jackie Bowman’s profile.

Here are the conditions.
1. You are not now, and never have been, a representative of a translation agency.
2. You are not a moron (if you approach BILLS, this will be tested).
3. When you communicate in writing with BILLS, all your messages will be in a grammatically perfect form of some known language. We don’’t care what the language is. We just want it to be right.

Her slogan: ‘Your deadline is unimportant’. Here’s a similar one.

See also this thread on what the value might be of ‘going Platinum’.

20 thoughts on “Profiles / Profile

  1. Wow. Confident or what?! Great profile, even if it flirts with arrogance. I particularly like her slogan. I never did come up with a snappy one.

    Interesting thread as well. I went Platinum years ago (for one year), because I got a lot of help from the forums when I started off and felt like Proz deserved my money in return, but I wouldn’t consider joining again.

  2. Yes, Jackie (whoever he/she may be) is one of the entertainers at ProZ. Regarded askance by some of the more, ahem, sedate members of the community, sometimes reviled (called a name I won’t repeat on page 2 of the thread you refer to, and the offending post wasn’t removed by the ProZ site owner although I asked him to consider doing so).
    In German, I think we would refer to Jackie as a “bunter Vogel”. The more the merrier!

  3. >>At BILLS, we have certain standards. Standard Number One is that we don’t work for 3 cents a word. Standard Number Two is that we don’t work for 4 cents a word. Standard Number Three is that we don’t work for 5 cents a word. The intervening standards are obvious. Standard Number Thirteen is that we will, perhaps, sometimes, consider working for 15 cents a word on certain conditions.

  4. The photo–which I suspect has got more knickers in a twist than the style–sits uncomfortably with the 20 years experience claimed. Are you Jackie, Margaret?

  5. No, I haven’t got a necklace like that (or are those just misplaced saltcellars?) – I did wonder myself if it was done as a joke, but the thread goes back to 2003 and others seem to believe in her. I don’t often look at the ProZ forums, but there are some interesting people writing there. (Who was Lawyer-Linguist whose post was removed from the thread, or who perhaps wrote privately to Jackie?)
    I am at ProZ under my own name but with no picture.

  6. The Merm is back! Thanks for this vital information; I broke myself of the habit of eagerly checking her site for signs of life ages ago, so I hadn’t realized. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Margaret, in your reference thread on “consensos”, JB is actually referred to as “Jack”. I did know that Jackie Bowman formerly gave the name “Jack Bowman” (albeit with the same picture), but I didn’t realise that he/she used that name as recently as October 2006.
    If you remind me to put on my Sherlock Holmes hat in the summer, there is a clue that may enable me to find out JB’s real name.

  8. Hi Annie (aka JB, aka Jack Bowman, aka Jackie Bowman, aka Jackie Ann Bowman, aka whoever),

    Thanks for the gauntlet. I’ll do my best to rise to the occasion.
    BTW, I love your new photo on ProZ – it’s so revealing!
    I wonder when the copyright agents will be knocking on your door again.

  9. And Victor …

    I hadn’t known that you’d tried, behind the scenes, to have that slur erased on proz.

    With all sincerity, I thank you for that gallantry.

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